-Irial Erebus-

-Fae of Darkness-

-King of the Winter Court-


Lost in a stare || Hermial

Irial marched out in the direction of the entrance with his dark, royal cloak flaring behind him. He had a dangerous, stormy look in his eyes and a sly expression on his face. He had enjoyed his very brief, momentary visit, even if it resulted in him almost getting thrown out by the guards (not that they would have managed to get a hold of him anyway before he sliced their pathetic throughts)- he had decided to leave on his own accord just in time, leaving a blushing, flustered and most of all infuriated Keenan behind, a signature crooked smile plastered across Irial’s face. There was nothing the man enjoyed more than taunting the Summer King- insulting his realm and rubbing salt into his wounds; he especially liked talking about the most sensitive topic, his bride-to-be, Aislinn, who showed more interest in the flowerpots than becoming a Queen. 

Of course, Irial wasn’t exactly one to talk. As far as he and his men were aware, news of his depleting powers to due to a lack of a Queen had not yet reached the Summer Court. Even within his own palace it was treated like a filthy rumors started by one of the lesser ladies desperate for attention. His entire life Irial hadn’t ever had a craving for a wife. To him, there was simply no need for one. Vidar and Sebastian both lost their which seemed to turn them into messes and besides, Irial had more than enough unearthly-beautiful women at his feet for him to choose from whenever he was in the need of some company. Until now, that was. It seemed as though all his jokes and opinions about monogamy and marriage were coming back to haunt him, because everything he believed in until recently had been proven wrong. Against all his wishes, the Winter Court did in fact need a Queen to survive, another source of power besides the King himself. Another ruling life source.

It took a few minutes for Irial to realize he was indeed, lost. Caleb had already been sent  to wait in the carriage and Irial was left to find his way through the maze which was the summer palace. He cursed out loud, turning around on the spot a few times, taking in his surroundings. That’s when he spotted a small corridor, nothing fancy with an entrance hidden in between two paintings of previous rulers, which judging by their appearance could only be Keenan’s parents. With a sweep of his cloak, Irial was already making his way towards the end, which was beautifully illuminated with what he hoped to be light from outside. For some reason, the further her proceeded down the hallway, the more drawn and powerful he felt. It was as though with each step he took, the more life was flowing back into his soul, as though his Darkness was returning to him, bit by bit. However, his path to freedom was disturbed when he felt his foot hit something, and before he knew it he had accidentally kicked a wooden buck across the hall, causing soapy water to spill all over the place. 

It was just then when he saw her. Looking down, there was nothing special about her. Sure, she had a nice face; but she was terribly plain. Very thin with bold collarbones, pale hair and bright blue eyes, it was nothing he’d never seen before, and yet she captivated in the most peculiar way. It was almost as though when he looked into her eyes, everything fell into place and felt right- yet at the same time he felt as though he had been thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty and overwhelming power.

"I’m so sorry, I’m afraid you’ll have to forgive me," he managed to purr in his dark, dreamy voice, picking up the wooden bucket and slowly setting it back by her knees. Then, before he could help himself, her extended two of his fingers (coated by his black leather gloves) towards her, offering to help her to her feet, never once breaking eye contact with her, locking his gaze deep into her her’s.

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